DIY-savvy mum-of-three transforms her ‘very plain’ dining room for just £50

Mum-of-three Maria Thomas, 36, from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, took inspiration from expensive panelling posts on Pinterest and Facebook – but decided to make her own unique installation with just £50

A DIY-savvy mum-of-three has transformed her dining room for £50 with stick-on LED lights and planks of wood.

Maria Thomas, 36, an administrator from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, felt the wall by her family’s dining table was “very plain”.

She wanted to put her own twist on the room, and created an iconic installation on the cheap.

Maria developed the concept from panelling posts on Pinterest and Facebook – most of which used expensive components.

So the mum-of-three decided to create a budget DIY version of the popular look.

And social media users have been blown away by the £50 hack – that just requires some wood batons, LED lights, paint, glue and nails.

Maria, who is mum to Spencer, 16, George, 10 and Ollie, four, also roped in her fiancé, George, 26, who she says did majority of the hard labour, while she was in control of making the project “pretty”.

“George bought the wood batons and then drew the outline on the wall where we wanted them,” Maria said.

“Once he attached the batons with wood glue and a couple of nails from B&Q, which cost £14, we then had to decide where to place the lights.

“We bought some stick-on LED lights from Amazon for £20, which are in a smart plug so Alexa can then turn off and on.

“He doubled the batons so you wouldn’t be able to see them and then sanded the wood down until smooth.

“I’m thrilled with the finished result and super proud of George.”

The couple finished off their new panelling by adding two coats of ‘Alfresco Dusky Blush’ paint from Frenchic at £20.

This isn’t the first DIY project the pair have sunk their teeth into – in fact, they have spent the last two years sprucing up their home.

Maria said: “We have always done different bits around the house but I’ve only recently been doing furniture.

“I love making things look pretty – not just my house, but I upcycle furniture and give them a whole new lease of life.

“I recently painted all my kitchen cupboards and changed the handles and it’s made such a difference on a really cheap budget.

“We have redecorated everywhere in our home and have nearly finished the kitchen.”

Maria decided to share her latest project on Facebook, where the post has since racked up 2,200 likes so far.

One person called it a “game changer”, while someone else added “How nice does this look.”

“Wow! So luxurious looking!” wrote a third person, adding a clapping emoji.

“I generally hate wall paneling, I know it’s the trend now but this is something else…luv it!” another user wrote. [sic]

A fifth user added: “Absolutely beautiful!!”

“Oh my, we need this!” wrote someone else.

Maria has more DIY plans for coming months, including building a media wall with a fire after Christmas.

She urges anyone who wants to do DIY for less to take their time and compare prices to get the best deals.

The mum added: “It’s scary at first as everything looks awful to start with.

“Whilst doing one room, the rest of the house suffers with mess which is the worst bit.

“Just take your time to get it right, research ideas and compare prices for items.”