Lamar Jackson: League should protect all QBs, not just me

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said after last Sunday’s win over the Broncos that he believes that opposing teams are not flagged for roughing the passer on quarterback Lamar Jackson often enough.

No one has been penalized for such a hit on Jackson since December 2019 and the perceived lack of protection from officials led to a question for Jackson on Thursday about potentially donning more padding to protect himself. Jackson said he wouldn’t be doing that while noting that every quarterback should be treated the same way by officials.

“I feel like if I put on extra pads and stuff like that, I’ll be looking like a Transformer,” Jackson said, via Jamison Hensley of “I don’t want to be slowed down. But I just feel we should be protecting all QBs in the league, not just myself.”

Jackson missed practice time with a sore back last week, but said he’ll practice on Wednesday and is feeling “101 percent” heading into Monday night’s game against the Colts.