PC hotel Gwadar attack

پی سی ہوٹل گوادر پر حملہ

پی سی گوادر پر حملہ کرنے والے بلوچ لبریشن آرمی کے تمام دہشتگردوں کو ہلاک کر دیا گیا ہے۔

As reported, Two security guards were killed when four BLA (
Balochistan Liberation Army) Terrorists attacked on PC Gwadar.

It was claimed by BLA that number of Pakistani & Chinese were killed whereas there are no confirmations to validate their claim.

According to the sources, the terrorist attacked on hotel and wanted to access the inside area but they were challenged by the brave security guards and there access was limited.

Soon they were surrounded by the security forces and they were killed after a heavy exchange of fires.

According to ISPR all terrorists are killed in the operation.

Further more a twitter account claimed to have links with the BLA identified the attacors as Munseb Baloch alias Kareem, Asad Baloch alias Mehrab, Hammal Fateh Baloch alias Habib, and Kachkol alias Commando.

Surprisingly A 35 Years Old missing person from Baluchistan named
Hammal Khan Marri believed to be one of the attackers Today in PC Hotel attack that took place in Gwadar.

جواب چھوڑیں

آپ کا ای میل ایڈریس شائع نہیں کیا جائے گا.